The Courageous Woman Effect

There is a courageous woman living inside of you! You may not see her. Perhaps you don’t feel like her, but trust me … SHE’S IN THERE!

The Courageous Woman Effect is a series of thoughts and actions that will ignite the fire within and push you to tap into the inner courage you need to accomplish your goals and create the life you’ve always wanted.

How to activate The Courageous Woman Effect

  1. Define Your Desires
  2. Befriend Your Fears and Doubts
  3. Understand You are Good Enough
  4. Know Freedom Comes through Forgiveness
  5. Let Your Courage Shine

7 Strategies of Courageous Living

A Guidebook for Women

7 Strategies for Courageous Living was written as a workbook for women to identify the issues or barriers that stop them from living their full potential and the life they want.  Addressing these issues in a step by step fashion with helpful strategies to develop an action plan to live courageously.

What people are saying about Tamara White:

Working with Tamara has empowered my to step out on faith and face my fears. Her coaching has opened me u to so many opportunities that I otherwise would not have taken because of fears holding me back. I am grateful for Tamara’s willingness to help me to go from fearful to fearless.

Rochelle Parris

Tamara White’s coaching has impacted my life in a phenomenal way that no one else could ever do. She is compassionate about her clients and takes the time to really understand your needs and puts a plan of action in place to help you reach your goals. She made sure that my needs as a client were met and my concerns were listened to. I would highly recommend Tamara White as a Life Coach because she is passionate about helping women to become courageous in everything they do.

JaNelle Moses

Tamara White or Tam as I call her. You see we have been friends for over thirty years. If it were not for Tamara White’s guidance I would not have made it through many many obstacles in my life. She is truly a Godsend. She has always been the voice of reason and a fresh perspective. She has always been my Life Coach even before she became a Certified Life Coach. She has shown me how to be purposeful in life and to by my most authentic self. I now have the voice and courage to be unapologetically me.

Sandy Stewart